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Who Needs Lift Truck Training?

So you have forklift trucks and you have employees who have been operating forklift trucks for years.

To you these guys look like they know what they are doing and after all they have experience, surely they don't need training right? 


Wrong, Health & Safety guidelines state that "As an employer you are required to provide basic training and testing for all lift-truck operators you employ (both new and existing). Properly trained operators can 
reduce the risk of lift-truck accidents in your workplace."

I've Had My Employees Trained Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

There are lots of regulations that govern the use of forklift trucks in the workplace and knowing where to look for guidance can be very confusing. Below I have provided a few links that I feel you may find usefull as reference material whilst putting together your company proceedures for safe use of forklift trucks.


Approved Code of Practice and guidance for rider operated lift trucks


Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations


Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations



All information included on this web site and all external links from this site have been chosen to help you make an informed decision while choosing the right training for your company's specific needs

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