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Why Use On Balance?

Unlike larger training company’s I do not have large overheads, this is how I am able to offer you very competitive rates. However just like larger company’s instructors, I have passed the RTITB Lift Truck Operator Instructor course, and my name has been entered on the RTITB Register of Qualified Instructors. So basically you get a high standard of training, at a very affordable price.


With On Balance training, I come to You. Then after training your operators to the appropriate level, supply your operators with a recognised “Certificate of restricted training” only for use on your premises and tailored to your company’s needs. This certificate complies with the recommendations of The Health & Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice & Supplementary Guidance for Rider Operated Lift Trucks – Operator Training (L117).


Understandably trainee's often learn better within their usual working environment. They will often be training on the same lift trucks that they will most likely be using on completion of their training course. They become familiar with the day to day hazards they may encounter in the workplace and are therefore better prepared to deal with them on their own.


Most people begin their lift truck training on Counterbalance lift trucks

similar to this one.


A very versatile truck and probably the most common type of lift truck

found in most warehouses.

Next the logical progression is the Reach truck or Narrow Isle truck.


As the name suggests it's primary use is within the narrow isles of racking systems due its manoeuvrability and the reach function.


It is a little more tricky to master, but the principles are very similar to that of the Counterbalance lift truck.

Another extremely versitile truck that is becoming more commonly found in warehouses is the Pivot Steer truck often reffered to as a Bendi, Flexi or VNA truck.


This truck can do the tasks of both the Counterbalance and Reach truck. Due to its innovative pivot steer characteristics it is able to work in very narrow aisles and like the reach truck it is able to stack at 7 metres and more but like the Counterbalance it is able to travel outside the warehouse and load wagons and trailers.

Your company may not have any rider operated lift trucks. You may only have electric Pedestrian Pallet trucks.


Or maybe you only use un powered manual ones. Health & Safety guidelines still advise operators to be adequately trained in the use of all mechanical aids. In which case you may want to think about a Manual Handling course for your employee’s.

Perhaps your company has its own Scissor lift.


Then you may wish to consider having your employee's complete a course in the safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.

If you have Overhead Travelling Cranes or Hoists installed on your premises, then maybe a course in Basic Slinging and Lifting Techniques or Safe Use of Hoists would be more suited to your requirements.

Most manufacturing company's have a maintenance department and if so you will probably have either a Hand Held Angle Grinder or you may even have a Pedestal Grinder.


If you do have one of the above pieces of machinery or maybe some other sort of Abrasive Wheel, then a course can be tailored to meet your specific training requirements.

Safety In Mind

Whether you have one, all, or a combination of the above lifting or mechanical aids. On Balance can accommodate all of your training needs with a bespoke package tailored to your company’s exact specifications. All training is delivered to the very highest standard, with creating a safer working environment always a key theme throughout all of the courses that I deliver.


All information included on this web site and all external links from this site have been chosen to help you make an informed decision while choosing the right training for your company's specific needs

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